iTunes 12.1.2

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The well-known free mp3 player from Apple

The iPod caused a music revolution in 2000 when it was first launched. And then, in order to complement this astounding piece of design and functionality, Apple added a system to manage the content of your device. They called it iTunes, and it was also the shop where you could buy more content legally. Since then iTunes has gone on to be the best way of managing your Apple device. And as the well-known content manager from Apple, it now comes with support for Windows.

iTunes is the best and easiest way to have everything you want in one place and easily organized. Being a central focus means you can quickly and simply get new content by accessing the iTunes store, then get that new content onto your Apple device (iPod, iPad, iPhone...). You can quickly connect and configure your device and easily see the space left. it uses handy colour codes for audio, visual, software, photos, etc.

iTunes is not only a player with all the options, but also an organizer and complete tool to manage all your music files. Playlists, CD copies, import files from the hard drive to a CD, extraordinary player etc. You can organize your music and video libraries according to genre, artist, album, alphabetical and so on. All of this is designed so you can easily manage huge collections of multimedia content in a logical and intuitive way. iTunes is everything in one.


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